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How do you get from Lima to Paracas?

To get from Lima:

Direct Bus: The only transport company that arrives in direct buses and at convenient times is, they have schedules from very early in the morning and make direct arrivals and departures from Paracas (US$ 16 Approx.).

Indirect bus with several stops: The transport company has departures every day at different available times, they arrive as far as the crossroads of the city of Pisco, 20 km away. from Paracas (US$ 8 Approx.). Then there is public transport to the Pisco market and from there there are local transport to Paracas. We recommend using a taxi to Paracas if you are more than one person (US$ 8 Approx.).

Buses and mini vans: At the southern exit of the city of Lima, after the "Atocongo" bridge, there is the "Los Proceres" terminal, where mobilities are taken and arrive aside the Plaza de Armas in Pisco, from there is close to the market to get a mini van and come directly to Paracas (US$ 8 Approx.). Warning, many of these units are informal. Already from Pisco there are mobilities very close.

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How do you get to the Paracas National Reserve?

By Car: Leaving from Paracas, go to the exit oval of the town, turn on the first right and there you will be on the Paracas - Punta Pejerrey road, follow the road for 3 km, and you will arrive at the gate of the Reserve, where you can take 2 routes, one that goes to Playa Roja and the other is the road to the Paracas Cathedral, check at the door, more information on the SERNANP Paracas page. Tickets cost 11 soles for adults (US$ 4 Approx.) and 5 soles for children (US$ 1.5 Approx.), vehicles do not pay admission.

By Bus Tour: There are several tours in Paracas that go to the most popular places in the National Reserve, (US$ 10 Approx.)

On ATV Tour: One of the most popular tours are those that are done on ATVs from Paracas https://paracas. pe/four-wheel-drives-in-paracas (US$ 35 approx. a single passenger allowed). They can only be driven by adults and are very simple to operate, no previous experience is required.

Minibugie Tour: they are also done in mini sand dune bugies or better known as mini bugies in-paracas (US$ 55 Approx. up to two passengers allowed and it is great fun in company. They can only be driven by adults and are very simple to operate, no previous experience is required.

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Which are the companies that offer Full Days Paracas?

PeruHop: Tourist transport company that covers the entire south of Peru, also has the full day to Paracas and Huacachina see more details at ( US$ 129 Approx.). This is one of the biggest tour companies in the country with more than 60,000 pasengers a year

Dc Travel:
Departures on weekends with tours included (US$ 17 Approx.)

Viajes Pica Flor: Full day trips on weekends (US$ 22 Approx.)

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Can we fly Paragliders at the Paracas Natural Reservation?

Of course! Paragliding is one of the most beautiful and complete activities in Paracas, it is flown from morning to afternoon, Paracas is recognized worldwide as one of the three most beautiful flight sites in the world! (US$ 89 Approx.)

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What is the Golden Shadows Trek?

It is a walking tour, the Trek of the Golden Shadows begins in a bus trip provided by the company that takes them 35 km inside the heart of the Paracas National Reserve to the beach known as Playón where starts the hike The Trek was recognized by the prestigious Miradas Magazine as the most beautiful walk on the coast of the American continent. (US$ 35 Approx.) Check Trip Advisor for better refference as is top activitie in Paracas.

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What are the Ballestas Islands and how to get there?

The Ballestas Islands are a group of islands to the south west of the city of Pisco, in Peru. They are made up of rock formations in the form of arches created by the erosion of the wind and, moreover, the marine fauna is impressive with guano birds such as the Piquero, Guayanay and the Zarcillo, mainly as local birds. It is the main tourist attraction in the area and is visited every year by nearly half a million people who are totally amazed by its beauty and variety. To get to the Islands, you go on an aquatic tour of aquatic tourism companies regulated by the Navy de Guerra del Perú and set sail from the very center of Chaco (Paracas) the tours regularly take a little less than 2 hours, the approximate costs are (US$ 15 Approx.) and you pay US$ 3 separately for entrance to the Reserve and right of dock use. Read all the details here

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Who is the official adventure operator at Paracas Reserve?

In Paracas there are many "adventure" companies, but there is only one legally constituted company that complies with all legal regulations and that operates officially and legally within the Paracas National Reserve under a service exploitation contract with the National Reserve of Paracas complying with all the requirements by the Ministry and the current laws.

This company is S.A.C. with R.U.C. 205254156703 with its service brand Paracas is Aventura. Its staff of professionals includes 3 professionals with more than 20 years of development in the world of adventure and extreme sports, all of them having been true elite adventure athletes and having all the certifications for their development.

An adventure sports guide cannot be a simple salesperson with the experience of having attended an activity, it requires true passionate professionals who love sports and activities and dedicate their lives to it. If you are looking for that type of security and professionalism, contact

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